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Beach wedding ideas.
Family & guests charmed by our personalized cigars!

The natural beauty of a beach wedding often seems to lend itself to a delicious sense of fun and creativity -- to match the splendor of exchanging wedding vows by nature's side.

May we suggest that a perfect beach wedding favor for family and guests would be our naturally elegant personalized cigars?

Always classic, these quality mementos of a special day in the lives of two cherished persons speak of both your love and your respect for tradition.  Our premium cigars are made of imported tobacco.  And they bear the names of both the bride and groom on a beautifully embossed wedding band of die-cut gold foil, lovingly produced by The Occasional Cigar Company team of talented craftsmen (and craftswomen).

What do clients say about our unique beach wedding reception ideas?  You're welcome to read from two of the more expressive letters we've gotten ...

"I actually couldn't resist taking one out of its lovely wrapper and seeing my new husband savor it on the beach -- OUR beach!  The resulting photograph, decorated with the gold cigar band, sits on my home fireplace mantle."

Jenny T.
Seaside, FL

"Beach wedding decorations should always be this practical.  Side by side with displays of flowers, each table had its own treasury of chocolates and cigars.  My enclosed order shows you just how impressed we all were with the presentation and your classy addition to it."

David C.
Providence, RI

Jenny might have included that we were able to complete her initial and (hurried) second order the very same day we received them -- and that consequently, the beach wedding theme which carried on into the evening reception was also able to feature contented cigar smoking by friends, loved ones -- and perhaps a new husband!

One doesn't have to be a tobacco smoker to pass out personalized cigars as a token of "Luck & Prosperity"