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Florida Outdoor Wedding Reception – Nature is Calling

Once the engagement has been announced, it is time to start planning the big day. Every bride has an idea of her perfect FLORIDA WEDDING. Some may prefer a church wedding or another more formal location. Many brides love the idea of the outdoor Florida WEDDING RECEPTION and also an outdoor ceremony. Even though the ceremony may be preformed inside, it is still possible to have the reception outside. Having a reception outside on a beautiful day is one way to associate the intention of a new beginning with the freshness and beauty of nature. Nature seems to reflect the love, hope and joy that the day represents.

Having a scenic location for your Florida outdoor wedding reception is one way to provide a beautiful backdrop for your occasion. Guests not only enjoy the reception, but are able to relax and enjoy beautiful surroundings. There are many areas in various places that are popular for Florida wedding receptions. You may want to check with your local tourist agency to find out the most scenic places. Some people prefer a more out of the way location. Locations by a lake or at a park are popular choices. Many people have the reception in their back yard or other suitable area. You may know someone with the perfect spot.

Tents are popular for a Florida outdoor wedding reception. Tents can be rented for the occasion. This is especially good if there is a possibility of inclement weather. If the temperature is cooler, the tents can be warmed with heaters so that everyone is more comfortable. Tents would also be helpful it is windy or if there is need of shade on very hot days. More casual Florida receptions often take the form of backyard barbeques or picnics in the park. Florida beach weddings and receptions are also popular ways to combine the locations that you love with the people that you love.

If finances are a consideration, then an outdoor wedding reception is a great way to save money. There are many reception decorations specifically geared toward outdoor use. You may want to have an archway or trellis to stand by and a roll of carpet to walk on. Gardens in bloom can already provide the beautiful flowers for your ceremony. If a Florida outdoor reception is your dream, then you probably have been looking for the perfect place or already know where it is. If it is a place that you love then you will be able to incorporate it into your ceremony.