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Letters from our mailbag:

"My parents were thrilled to find that personalized cigars were one of the unique wedding ideas handed out to guests at my wedding! For my parents it brought back memories of their own wedding, as well as the other significant milestones in their lives -- births, job promotions and other personal high points. Some unique wedding reception ideas have the power to touch the heart. Thank you for making this possible in the form of so practical and very elegant a wedding favor."

Emily D.
West Palm Beach, FL

"One of my earliest childhood memories  was of watching my father habitually pass cigars to society friends and business acquaintances at important social get-togethers. Gift giving is, to him, the glue that holds society together. The thought of a wedding without your type of tasteful and unique wedding ideas -- just wouldn't fly!"

Kyle W.
Charlotte, NC

"Gracious traditions make special days extra special. These unique wedding ideas of personalized cigars are classic. I'm so glad I came across your website. And I'm grateful you were able to fill my (last minute) order so perfectly! Thanks again for helping to make our wedding a little more special."

Jason & Alissa M.
San Diego, CA

"What super wedding reception ideas your service has provided us .... and just when I was at a total loss for fresh ideas. Many thanks!"

Lindsay A.
Vancouver, BC

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Our unique wedding ideas. What happy customers nationwide are saying ...

Our unique wedding reception ideas really will charm your wedding guests and perfectly complement time-tested wedding traditions. The joy of giving or receiving our beautifully personalized wedding cigars adds something truly meaningful to any celebration.

At The Occasional Cigar Company we delight in making a difference for our clients!
One doesn't have to be a tobacco smoker to pass out personalized cigars as a token of "Luck & Prosperity"