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Beverly Hills CA Wedding Ideas – Love and Nature

When spring is in the air thoughts turn towards new beginnings, love and nature. The spring blossoms and the beautiful shades and forms of spring somehow bring out the romantic side of everyone. Spring is a popular time for Beverly Hills CA WEDDINGS & RECEPTIONS. Spring and summer are especially suited for a Beverly Hills outdoor wedding. South Beverly Hills outdoor wedding ideas incorporate the beauty of nature with the love of two people who wish to begin their new lives together. The flowering shrubs and plants make an excellent decoration and backdrop for the service. Summer is also a good time for outdoor weddings.

Location is the main theme of a Beverly Hills outdoor wedding ideas. You want the beauty of the scenery to act as a backdrop for your weddings. There are several popular outdoor locations. One idea is to have the ceremony by a pool. A tent by the pool with special lighting is a spectacular idea. Tents are one of the most popular ways to have Beverly Hills outdoor weddings. Trees can also act as a great backdrop for your Beverly Hills wedding. The trees can act like a canopy or a natural type of arch and will also provide shade. Another popular idea is to have a wedding on a sailboat. Friends and family will enjoy this fun and special way to tie the knot.

Themes of nature for decorations are good Beverly Hills outdoor wedding ideas. Wedding cakes can have butterfly decorations or flowers. A country style Beverly Hills outdoor wedding could incorporate country life. There could be hay stacks for a farm like feel or other rustic decorations. Another good thing about a Beverly Hills outdoor wedding is that pets and animals can also join in the ceremony. Many people would like their dogs to be involved. Another popular idea is to incorporate horses. Some couples like the romantic idea of riding off into the sunset. Horse drawn carriages are another way to make a memorable entrance and exit.

There are some special considerations in regard to Beverly Hills outdoor wedding ideas. The veil may need to be shorter due to wind or the length of the dress may have to be adjusted.  Lower centerpieces can add to the relaxing atmosphere. Beverly Hills outdoor weddings may be more subject to disturbances due to the unpredictable nature of the outdoors, but with some cooperation and help from friends and family adjustments can be made as necessary. Your guests will enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as the ceremony. Love and nature are a combination that you can’t beat.